Gain a greater understanding of your competitors 

Our retailer clients know that a combination of market, competitor, channel and consumer intelligence is vital in driving a dynamic global strategy.

Discover best practice innovation, be inspired and identify future trends.

  • Keep track of the competition

    PlanetRetail RNG are your industry eyes and ears, providing transparent market share, store number and sales data combined with in-depth SWOT analyses and key strategic initiatives.

  • Identify growth opportunities

    Forecast future growth and identify key market trends with detailed macro-economic analysis and unique retail environment insight.

  • Drive a robust multi-channel strategy

    Discover a one-stop shop of world-leading ecommerce data and insight. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your competitors’ online strategies and pinpoint investment opportunities with exclusive shopper data. 

“PlanetRetail RNG allows my team to make informed SWOT-based evaluations of competitors, without having to schedule travel. We need information before anyone else. This is where PlanetRetail RNG succeeds.” Walmart