Professional Services

Give your clients the complete picture 

Our forecasted retailer and market data will enable you to differentiate yourself from competitors and track the latest industry developments.

Build on your retail expertise and ensure a reputation for excellence within your field.

  • Offer clients a different perspective 

    We deliver global intelligence from a local perspective. Our teams on the ground provide their unique take on news and developments before anyone else. Discover our opinion on major strategic initiatives of the world's leading retailers.

  • Monitor public and privately held retailers 

    Our Data Analysis tool contains half a million data points relating to 9,000 retail operations, including privately-owned companies. Build customised spread sheets with aggregated historical and forecasted data.

  • Explore the impact of online retailing

    Assess retailers’ digital strategies and explore the online shopping behaviour of 15,000+ consumers across 12 markets. We provide a completely comprehensive view of the global ecommerce environment.

“We can’t live without PlanetRetail RNG. I recently closed an important deal with a supplier, generating a significant amount of revenue using trends and data from PlanetRetail RNG.” Daymon Worldwide